Safe and Secure living in the UAE

Abu Dhabi: “We are blessed in the UAE with living in a safe and secure society, where crime is rare, laws are respected, and policing efforts are professional, thorough and protect us all”, commented an Emirati newspaper.

A recent survey undertaken by Dubai Police found that 99 of us feel safe and that’s in a city that grows significantly each year, noted Gulf News in its editorial.

Indeed, thanks to the diligence of police and security services across the UAE, whether at border checkpoints, protecting our ports, policing our streets, or delivering professional policing standards at the community level, there is little need to watch over your shoulder, think twice about what route you take, worry about your home, added the paper.

That’s not to say there are not individuals who will always seize a chance to profit or satisfy perverse or violent desires and we should never fully let down our guard but life can be lived knowing that the police are there to protect you, the paper said.

Where else in large, developed metropolitan centres is it possible to feel safe riding in a taxi at night? Or sleeping well even if your front door was accidentally left unlocked?, asked the paper.