RTA unveils new thrusts to raise profile of Dubai Award for Sustainable Transport

Dubai:The Higher Committee of the Dubai Award for Sustainable Transport (DAST) has always been keen on broadening and uplifting the profile of the Award right from inception in 2008 and up to the announcement of winners of its fourth edition last year.

The Committee’s attention to propel the Award’s mechanism stems from its intentions to inculcate all the concept of Sustainable Transport among government and quasi-government entities as well as private businesses with a view to boosting the practices of sustainable transport at all fields ‘&’ levels to ultimately conserve the environment, maintain the public health, and preserve various resources by way of economizing on their daily use.

In this context, the Committee has recently announced the introduction of new key drivers to propel the Award’s mechanism and performance starting from the fifth edition 2012. The move ushers in an expansion of the Awards scope to the regional and international levels to showcase the undergoing improvements made in this filed across the UAE, particularly in Dubai.

Commenting on the new additions to the Award, Dr. Khalid Al Zahid, Chairman of the Higher Committee of DAST, said: “The new drivers to be injected in the Award’s process include holding workshops on the sidelines of the Awards Distribution Ceremony to showcase the distinguished practices of the winning entities, inviting high-profile experts to deliver lectures in the said Workshops, selecting 8 RTA staff to intercalate them with the Judges Panels, only for the sake of transferring knowledge to the RTA without involving them in the judges process, and inviting 4 international experts to assess the Award in order to subsequently task one of them with the overhauling of the Award.

The Committee is currently communicating with 5 suggested experts as keynote speakers in the Awards Distribution Ceremony, take part in the accompanying Workshops, develop ‘&’ implement a clear-cut mechanism for the RTA to benefit from the successful practices ‘&’ initiatives, and commission a study about the deliverables of previous editions of the Award.

He revealed that the deadline for receiving submissions for the 5th edition of DAST would be in October this year. The Chairman of the Award Committee urged the business community, including government agencies ‘&’ departments, and semi-government units as well as private firms operating in the UAE to expedite their submissions to avoid rushing in their bids in the eleventh hour.

It is noteworthy that the number of participations in the Award has seen a remarkable increase as the 4th edition of the Award saw 93 submissions whereas the number of participations received in the inaugural edition of the Award in 2008 was only 28 entries.