RTA teams with Khalifa, Dubai varsities in robots & drones

DUBAI, 3rd December, 2016 (WAM)–The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai has signed two Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) with Khalifa University and the University of Dubai, calling for stepping up cooperation in the field of robots and drones.

The step is part of RTA endeavours to keep pace with the latest technological trends, share expertise with the academic institutions concerned with robots & drones, and provide sophisticated services to cover various community segments. Such efforts conform to Dubai Government endeavours of ranking Dubai as the smartest city in the world.

Abdullah Al Madani, CEO of Corporate Technology Support Services Sector at the RTA signed one MoU with Dr. Mohammed Al-Mualla, Senior Vice President of Research & Graduate Studies at Khalifa University; and the other with Dr. Essa Al-Bastaki, President of the University of Dubai, in the presence of directors and concerned individuals from both parties.

The MoUs call for undertaking a variety of activities such as holding joint workshops, training & qualifying personnel, holding scientific conferences & symposia, and sharing academic & practical expertise in matters related to robots, drones and other fields of technology. According to the MoUs, each party will supply the other with information to assist it carry out its respective jobs and realise its objectives in the public interest.

“The RTA is making every effort to forge strategic partnerships with highly reputed academic entities in a bid to realise its first strategic goal (Smart Dubai), and third strategic goal (People Happiness). The signing of these MoUs is also intended to unify efforts & improve the models developed with the aim of offering effective technological services to the community,” Al Madani said.

“Signing the MoUs stems from RTA’s keenness to support the innovative vision of the government through entering into partnerships with government, academic and research entities in the UAE. The RTA attaches top attention to scientific researches that serve its objectives and introduced the Scientific Research Award in 2012. It has also established innovation, sustainability, and future sections; and stands ready to support any scientific initiatives within the RTA or contributed by external bodies. The MoUs thus seeks to achieve mutual benefits of both parties in the field of scientific and technological research,” he added.

Dr. Mohammed Al-Mualla, said, “Through its academic & research strategy & activities, the Khalifa University aims to help various government bodies undertake initiatives for improving smart services. This includes cooperation in matters related to robots, drones, and artificial intelligence in order to realise the transition to smart cities.”

“These partnerships enhance the role of the University as a key player in driving development and facilitating the transition to a knowledge & innovation-based economy. The partnership will also be of benefit to students & researchers as it engages them in innovative projects in the public interest. Therefore, we would wish to thank the RTA for this partnership; which we hope would result in innovations capable of raising the profile of the nation & citizens,” Al-Mualla added.

“The University of Dubai will continue driving the technological advancements & research in the UAE in keeping with the globalization era,” said Dr. Essa Al-Bastaki. “We, in the University of Dubai, pride ourselves on the achievements made by the RTA. In our capacity as an academic institution, will work as an academic institution focused on commissioning researches and unleashing youth talents towards implementing the future strategic plans of the UAE,” he noted.

Al Bastaki commended RTA’s endeavours to improve its business conduct and benchmark it with the highest technological standards. “We are delighted with the MoU signed with the RTA, especially as the University focuses on inculcating the latest technological concepts in all academic programs. Through these endeavours we seek to realize the needs of a sophisticated community, and the RTA is well aware of that,” he concluded.