RTA shares Asset Management Systems with ADM

Dubai: The Asset Management Department of the Roads ‘&’ Transport Authority (RTA) has briefed a visiting delegation from the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City (ADM) on asset management systems; which are aligned with the best standards of the industry worldwide.

Receiving the delegation, the Director of RTA Asset Management Udai Al Deesi, indicated the importance of holding such meetings with various entities in the country in the context of boosting the team work spirit and exchanging expertise with a view to enhancing the development drive and achieving excellent standards depicting attitudes ‘&’ vision of providing superior quality services in creative styles tailored to ensure the optimal utilization of assets ‘&’ properties.

“During the meeting with the delegation we made an overview of the business flow in the Dep’t, organization chart, and the roles ‘&’ responsibilities assigned along with the key objectives pursued ‘&’ aligned with RTA Strategic Plan and how the work team is endeavouring to improve the tasks in hand to ensure assets sustainability,” commented Al Deesi.

The meeting, which took place at RTA Head Office, included a general visual presentation about programs ‘&’ systems in use, and the PASS 55 Certificate awarded to the RTA, rendering it the first entity in the Middle East to obtain this sort of certification, and a destination for others parties interested in capitalizing on its distinctive expertise in this line of the industry. A brief account was also made about the Strategic Plan of the Dep’t for the next three years to empower it contribute to the enhancement of systems and realize a host of positives highlighted by the slashing of operational costs and augmenting revenues. The meeting also touched on the registration and numbering of assets process along with stocktaking and tracking of assets.

On the other hand, members of the visiting delegation praised the meeting and communication with the RTA as it offered them exposure to the job nature of Asset Management Dep’t and exchange expertise to improve the business performance and elevate it to the desired shape. They also emphasized that entities in different denominations were considered a single environment with one primary concern of achievement and development. They concluded by hailing the RTA as it always sought to apply the best scientific, practical and specialist programs in all business domains.