Rose Water Rumor

With regards to the social media post spread through WhatsApp, that a dangerous contaminant that affects the colon was discovered in rose water , the following is the response of the Food Safety Department to this inquiry:

The Food Safety Department is monitoring all imported food products closely, including the rose water. The monitoring process includes sampling and laboratory testing, and no results have been encountered that indicates the presence of contaminants that affect human health in these products, and they are conformed to the approved specifications for those products.

We would like to point out that foods are one of the most controlled products by the specialized authorities in the country due to its importance and direct impact on the health of community members of society. For any food products that prove to be unsuitable for consumption, actions are taken to prevent their access to consumers.

Dubai Municipality would also like to remind the public not to believe and spread these rumours and to check its validity through official trusted sources and channels

Source: Dubai Municipality