Red Ginseng Extract ‘EVERYTIME’ loved by all around the world – Easy consumption anywhere, anytime

  • Korea’s representative red ginseng product that has sold over 400 million sticks for KRW1 trillion reaches its 10th anniversary
  • With a convenient and easy-to-carry stick packaging loved by all around the world, not to mention young Korean people

SEOUL, South Korea, Nov. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — KGC(Korea Ginseng Corp.)’s Red Ginseng Extract EVERYTIME surpasses a cumulative sale of KRW1 trillion, writing a new history in Korea’s red ginseng industry.

Released in September 2012, Red Ginseng Extract EVERYTIME has reached its 10th anniversary this year. For the past 10 years, over 400 million sticks were sold for over KRW1.2 trillion, which translates into 1.2 sticks per second.Red Ginseng Extract 'EVERYTIME'

First-ever stick packaging that attracts 20s and 30s into the red ginseng industry

Red Ginseng Extract EVERYTIME is Korean red ginseng extract mixed with purified water in a portable packaging for quick consumption. It was the first product to come in a stick pack. The name, EVERYTIME also implies easy consumption anywhere anytime.

It particularly clicked with the lifestyle of Generation MZ that cares about health from a young age, gaining high popularity. Actually, the sales proportion of Korea Ginseng Corp to MZers has grown into 15% recently, from around 5% in 2012 after the rollout of EVERYTIME.

Popular as an online gift and abroad in line with popularity of K-content

In Korea, Red Ginseng Extract EVERYTIME is hotter online. It is consistently listed in high ranks for “most sought gifts” in Kakao Talk Gift Service, which is Korea’s representative commerce service. It is said to have driven a new trend of gifting health supplements through SNS.

Red Ginseng Extract EVERYTIME is positioned as the representative red ginseng product outside of Korea, as well. It is the result of increased global interest in immunity after the outbreak of COVID-19 and diversified sales channel such as e-commerce. The overseas sales of Red Ginseng Extract EVERYTIME in 2021 appeared to have increased by about 30% from the previous year.

Red Ginseng Extract EVERYTIME is greatly received in Asia, in particular. Among the products of KGC(Korea Ginseng Corp.), Red Ginseng Extract EVERYTIME is best-selling in six Asian nations and regions, including Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam. It is because young people around the world have seen many Korean celebrities taking EVERYTIME on various dramas and shows, besides the superior efficacy of red ginseng of KGC.

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