Received by FAHR and Briefed on its Key Initiatives An Uzbek Delegation Learns about UAE’s Experience in Government Human Capital Empowerment

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) has recently received an official delegation from the Civil Service Development Agency, affiliated to the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, in a visit to FAHR with a view to access the pioneering UAE experience in terms of government human capital development and empowerment, as well as spot the-state-of-the-art smart and electronic systems employed by UAE government in managing its human resources and improving the experiences of its customers.

On the sidelines of the meeting that took place in Dubai, Her Excellency Laila Obaid Al Suwaidi, FAHR Acting Director General, confirmed that this visit comes within the framework of the strategic partnership between both countries in the field of government work and reflects the keenness and interest of international delegations to learn about the rich and unique experience of UAE government in the field of federal government workforce empowerment and creating a distinctive work environment for them, to be an incubator and source of attraction to talents, competencies and skills.

Al Suwaidi pointed out that FAHR, within a relatively short period, succeeded in bringing about a comprehensive and radical change in the federal government’s work system by enacting, proposing and launching innovative human resources policies, legislation and initiatives that had the greatest impact in enhancing work efficiency of federal government institutions, increasing their dynamism and accelerating their pace of work, thus achieving the aspirations and directives of the wise leadership of the country.

According to Her Excellency, the Uzbek delegation was acquainted with the most prominent achievements made by the UAE government in the field of efficiency enhancement of government work, developing and implementing an integrated smart electronic system for human capital management, indicating that the UAE government has achieved remarkable accomplishments in the field of managing and developing its human capital. UAE government has adopted the best international practices and experiences in this regard and adapted modern technology in human resources systems’ management in the ministries and federal entities.

FAHR presented the mechanism applied in the federal government to measure the level of efficiency development and maturity in human resources departments and their practices, according to global indicators and forms prepared for that purpose and developed in accordance with federal entities’ nature of work.

During the meeting, a presentation was made on the performance management system for federal government employees, and the most prominent features and objectives of the system, which are carried out electronically through the Human Resources Information Management System (HRMIS) in the federal government “Bayanati”, were reviewed.

Republic of Uzbekistan’s delegation received a detailed explanation about “Jahiz” initiative for the future of government talent. “Jahiz” was launched by the UAE government in late 2022 with the aim of enhancing the readiness of national cadres and talents in the federal government for the future, empowering them with new skills as required to design the future and benefit from its opportunities. This is attainable through an integrated digital platform for future skills that supports the government’s readiness for the future and raises the participation of its cadres in implementing the leadership’s visions by building a pioneering global future government model and strengthening UAE performance, productivity, efficiency and readiness for the future.

The visiting delegation got acquainted with FAHR’s most prominent initiatives and its innovative strategic projects, including, for example: (electronic human resources systems under the umbrella of “Bayanati” system, general succession planning framework and the training and development initiatives approved in the federal government, such as the e-learning partners initiative, “Al Mawrid”, and “Ma’arif” initiative for the preferred training partners in the federal government and the Human Resources Club initiative).

Source: Federal Authority for Government Human Resources