Ramadan month of work and proficiency

Dubai: The Training Section of Human Resources Department at Dubai Municipality in coordination with the Dubai International Holy Quran Award organized an awareness lecture entitled “Ramadan is the month of work and proficiency” by Dr. Khalid Abdullah Al Muslih for employees, in City Hall of Municipality main building, Dera.

Dr. Khalid spoke on the virtues of holy month and duties of the Muslim, especially the employee to perform his work in best and proper way to please the Lord and his conscience without putting the blame on the fasting, which is one of the most important pillars of Islam.

The employee has to improve morals and his dealings with people during Ramadan taking into account the fact that the work is worship to God,’ he said.

He focused on a number of themes such as work, sincerity of faith, reasons of laziness, impact of Ramadan in self-reform and evaluation, necessity of honesty in dealing with others and trust in use of office assets staying away from extravagance.