Rahma delegation visits Children Cancer Hospital in Cairo

ABU DHABI, 18th December, 2015 (WAM) — A delegation headed by Ms. Nora Al-Suwaidi, Director General of the Cancer Patient Care Society (CPCS) –Rahma, visited the Children’s Cancer Hospital 57357 in Cairo, Egypt, on Wednesday.

The delegation was received by Professor Sharif Abul-Naga, Chief Executive of the hospital, Dr. Hana Fred, General Manager Strategic Marketing, and several other officials.

During the meeting, Rahma and Children’s Cancer Hospital 57357 discussed avenues of cooperation between the two sides. The most notable proposal came from Ms. Nora Al- Suwaidi who suggested setting up of an activities and art room, with Rahma’s participation, for children suffering from cancer. They also discussed the possibility of signing a cooperation agreement to share experiences and establish joint activities in support of cancer patients in the UAE and Egypt. Members on both sides exchanged souvenirs of the two entities.

The Rahma delegation toured the hospital to get acquainted with its various sections and facilities. Members of the delegation studied the services being provided to patients in the outpatient departments and treatment and activities rooms. The delegation was briefed about the awareness programs run by the hospital management for sick children and for diversifying their activities during treatment period to help them fight the disease.

Ms. Nora Al Suwaidi presented gifts to the children suffering from cancer, which brought them immense joy. Professor Sharif Abu Naga expressed his appreciation for this generous gesture and thanked the delegation for the visit. He also thanked Ms. Noura Al Suwaidi, Director General of Rahma, for her efforts in support of cancer patients and for raising awareness in Arab societies about this disease.

This visit to Hospital 57357 was part of Rahma delegation’s official trip to Egypt to participate in several events and to forge closer cooperation with medical institutions dedicated to the treatment of cancer. The delegation is also scheduled to visit the National Cancer Institute, Cairo, and participate in the activities of Zayed Marathon 2015, which will be held in the Air Defense Stadium, Cairo. The event is being organized to support young cancer and hepatitis C patients, to raise awareness in Arab societies regarding cancer and to highlight the importance of exercise as one of the ways to combat the disease.