Rabdan Academy celebrates 51st UAE National Day

ABU DHABI, Rabdan Academy is celebrating the 51st UAE National Day at its main campus in Abu Dhabi, amidst an atmosphere of pride and joy, with the participation of hundreds of students, faculty, staff and visitors.

The Academy’s celebrations of the 51st UAE National Day will continue in the coming days through various events.

The celebration kicked off with an exceptional show performed by the Abu Dhabi Police Music Band of the Department of Protocol and Public Relations, one of the first military bands in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and the UAE.

Al Harbia Band also participated in the celebration and performed folk art shows representing the Emirati’s lyrical and musical heritage. Their harmonious movements and original Emirati poems surprised the audience, who participated in the distinguished show wearing Emirati flags that adorned their faces and gave them a deep national appearance.

The celebration included workshops, various cultural activities and competitions in an atmosphere of loyalty and belonging in the participants’ hearts, shedding light on the UAE’s civilisational, educational, cultural and economic renaissance.

Source: Emirates News Agency