Prisoners attend religious lectures

Ajman: Prisoners serving terms gathered in the courtyard of the penitentiary in Ajman to listen to religious lectures delivered by a number of scholars who enlivened the evenings of the holy month of Ramadan with their spiritual discourses.

Quoting from Holy Quran and Prophet’s sayings, the scholars explained the importance of repentance and prayers to God for forgiveness.

The lectures also shed light on the benefits of piety for safeguarding against evil thoughts and deeds in human life.

Director of Penal and Correctional Institutions Col. Mubarak Khalfan Rizzi said that the lectures during the holy month of Ramadan aims to increase the religious faith and the inculcation of the tenets of Islam in the hearts of the inmates, so that their behaviors will be corrected.

The lectures are being organized jointly by the General Directorate of Ajman Police and the General Authority for Islamic Affairs and Awqaf.