PM: The Development Road Is An Economic Artery, And A Promising Opportunity For A Convergence Of Interests, History And Cultures

Prime Minister Muhammad Al-Sudani affirmed that the Development Road is an economic artery, and a promising opportunity for a meeting of interests, history and cultures.

In a speech opening the (Development Road ) conference, Al-Sudani said, “The (Development Road) with its work platforms, added value to national and local outputs, and economic levers, is an ambitious and deliberate plan to change reality towards a solid economic structure.”

He added: Talk about economic diversification, and confronting the effects of climate change, has accumulated, and today we and you stand on the cusp of the key to confrontation, and all efforts that address these influences will pass through the Development Road, stressing that this project is a pillar of a sustainable non-oil economy, and a link that serves the Iraq’s neighbors and the region.

He pointed out, “The great port of Faw has come a long way towards completion, and it will be a gateway to this important economic movement.” He added, “Urban cities will integrate with the port, next to which we will establish a smart industrial city that is the latest in the region and the world, and will simulate the current and expected technological development for the fifty ” coming”. years

Al-Sudani continued: Multiple industries will be settled in those cities by investing local or imported primary resources, in order to meet the local and regional need for their products, and with this promising project, Iraq will embark on an economic partnership with you, which will make our countries an exporter of modern industries and goods.

Al-Sudani said: We will rely in all of this on multi-modal corridors, more than 1,200 km of railways, their joint interoperability, and highways and railways will facilitate the process of transporting goods, indicating that the jobs that these projects will create will be a positive imprint that will move the peoples of the region to a stage of integration, stability and facing challenges.

He added: This government started from the actual needs of the Iraqi people, according to studied priorities, and based on data that addresses the roots of instability and stumbling.

He continued: We have established this conference through constructive understandings with the leaders of our brotherly and friendly countries, and today it is your responsibility to ripen those understandings, and as officials, technicians and specialists in the relevant sectors, you will undertake to develop a practical road map for the transition to implementation and the direct achievement of the desired goals.

He said: We are moving forward with everything that serves our people, and increases the gates of communication with the geographical neighborhood and cultural expansion, and everything that would attract global investments.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency