Plastic white rice rumor

With regards to the inquiry concerning that that Basmati rice is in fact plastic and not rice

The following is the Food Safety Department’s response to this inquiry:

– The Food Safety Department in Dubai Municipality confirms that this rumor has already been answered before, as the Municipality confirms that it is not credible and that it underestimates the minds of the consumer in order to question the food safety and it is being circulated from time to time.

– All types of rice in the markets are natural rice, and conform to the approved local and international standards and specifications, and there is no known plastic rice in the market as it is easy to detect through sensory properties and during cooking or adding any materials such as fat or oil.

– The Food Safety Department also carries out the necessary checks for imported and local food products and monitors all these products to ensure their safety and suitability for human consumption, including rice products, and it has the capabilities and necessary checks for this.

– The Food Safety Department warns the honorable public not to believe and circulate news related to food and to ensure its authenticity by communicating with reliable official sources through official communication channels.

Source: Dubai Municipality