Peru to host III Arab – South American Summit (ASPA) next month

Lima: The Heads of State and Government of the Arab and South American countries, along with numerous business leaders from both regions, will gather in Lima, capital of Peru, on the 1st and 2nd of October 2012, for the III ASPA Summit.

”In a moment of economic uncertainty in other parts of the world, these regions bring together an enormous potential – yet greatly unexplored – for economic exchange and cooperation,” said Rafael Roncaglioglo, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Peru, in a statement on the event.

”For sure, each region faces its own daring challenges. South America, where the combination of a stable and expansionary macroeconomic environment and natural resources has created an attractive setting for the international investors looking for emerging market opportunities, still confronts the need to transform its high growth rates of recent years into sustainable development and social inclusion.

For its part, he added, the Arab region traverses a historic period of social and political transformation, along with an evolution and diversification of its economic structures.

”Globalization has brought our societies closer. Popular culture, sport and music are reinvigorating today the pluri-centennial common heritage of our past. Our young generations are more eager than ever to learn each other’s languages and traditions and to build friendships through travel and social media.

In this context, the foreign minister of Peru, said the ASPA Summit is an opportunity for the Arab and South American countries to show to the world a common ambition: to look beyond the current domestic challenges and to work together to shape the new global world, building a relationship of strong dialogue, trade, investment, cooperation and culture between our peoples.

”It is indeed time for Arabs and South Americans to bring closer their vibrant cultures and emerging economies,” he concluded.