People’s GuoTai Group Penetrates into the Global Market by debuting in China (UAE) Trade Fair 2017

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, Dec. 13, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — The China (UAE) Trade Fair 2017 was grandly opened at the Dubai World Trade Center on December 10, 2017. The People’s GuoTai Group (PGTG), one of the leading brands in the global bio-active peptide industry was invited by the Anhui Provincial Department of Commerce and China (UAE) Trade Fair Organizing Committee to show its 3 flagship products – GuoTai, Peptide Young, and Ronghe GuoTai. The portfolios from PGTG attracted many visitors on site. Mr. Zhang Heng, the Chairman of the Board, PGTG; Mr. Li Jianqi, the President of PGTG; and Mr. Zhao Hongxing, the Vice President of PGTG attended the PGTG Dubai Branch to network with the exhibitors on the show and to help expand the global market.

The China (UAE) Trade Fair is one of the largest and most influential comprehensive international fairs in the Middle East and the largest supply platform for Chinese products in the Middle East and Africa, according to the official website of the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China. In 2017, more than 2,500 exhibitors were attracted to the fair, an increase of 40% YoY, with more than 100,000 products showcased. PGTG has brought a matrix of star products to join in the show to open up the Middle East market, which will further help PGTG to expand its business in the global market.

As the only health brand in the field of bio-active peptides at the show, PGTG’s booth attracted many visitors from the world. After group introducing and GuoTai Collagen peptide health drinks trying, the visitors gave a high rating and expressed cooperation intentions. Many traders said on site that the bioactive peptide industry has a promising future in the health field. The people’s health consumption awareness and living standard in the Middle East will help promote the bio-active peptide industry. With the absolute dominance position in the global peptide industry chain, PGTG is able to meet the local demand for peptide health consumption of the customers in the Middle East and create a win-win situation for Chinese suppliers and overseas buyers.

GuoTai Collagen Peptide debuted in China (UAE) Trade Fair 2017

It is worth mentioning that during the show, the PGTG found many opportunities in developing the bio-peptide market and reached initial cooperation intentions with the national and regional government officials and business people, including Ms. Paniluo Pama, a national official of New Face New Voices, Zambia; Mr. Muhammad Al Shamranyh , the President of Muhammad Al Shamranyh Trade Co., Ltd., a Saudi Arabia based company; Mr. Ali Al-Ajimi , the Sales Manager of DVG (Delta Vector Group), a Kuwait based Company; Mr. Ahok Pradesh, the Managing Director of Aryan Group, a UAE based company; Mr. Jordan Christopher , the soccer coach and technical director of UAE Match, a soccer school; Mr. Nasr Lieber , the Managing Director of Zarrin Baft Bahar Trading Co., Ltd., an Iran based company. Zhang Heng, the Chairman of the Board, PGTG commented: “The Middle East is an important part of the overseas market coverage of the PGTG. As early as 2015, the PGTG set up a branch in Dubai to meet the full range of local users’ health needs by offering the customized solutions. After 3 years of market cultivation, now PGTG has accumulated high user reputation and brand awareness in the region, with the influence covering the entire Middle East. In the future, based on the win-win cooperation, PGTG hope to work with more international partners to expand the bioactive peptide industry chain and benefit the people of all countries in the world. ”

Li Jianqi, the President of PGTG, also said at the show that the group, which upholds its “globalized” strategy, is ambitious and has taken the lead in opening up overseas markets with impressive achievements in bioactive peptides. By participating in this fair, the PGTG not only further expanded the international trade market, but also learned more about the specific needs of the countries in the world for the health market, which laid the foundation for the further adjustment and optimization of product structure and help improve the product technology. “Leveraging first-class products and networking with the global friends, the PGTG continues to participate in major international well-known exhibitions to know the latest market trend and learn advanced production technology and management concepts. With continuous research and innovation, we will strictly control product quality to win more international top brand suppliers.”