Palestinians have a right to practise their religion, UAE paper

Abu Dhabi: Israel continues to impose draconian policies when it comes to the rights of Palestinians. Perhaps the worst aspect of such infringements is the right to worship and practise one’s religious duties, a UAE paper commented.

Israel has recently increased restrictions on the entry of Palestinians to Al Ebrahimi Mosque in Hebron.

Palestinians have to go through five electronic gates monitored by the Israeli military, and be searched in three different locations in order to gain access to the mosque. This takes up at least half an hour. The mosque’s committee has urged Israeli authorities to give them the keys to the mosque’s Muslim entrance.

“The question here is not of access. It is more about endless Israeli restrictions on Palestinians and the infringements on their rights which in this case happens to be their religious rights,” the “Gulf News” said in its today’s editorial.

The right of worship is universal and Israel has to ensure all Palestinians have it regardless of their religious denomination exactly as it does with its Jewish population. This is a responsibility that must be guaranteed and protected by the international community, the paper added.