Pakistani doctors, Embassy join hands to setup virtual health facility

Abu Dhabi: The Pakistan Embassy has discussed an idea to establish a virtual health facility to better serve the countrymen living in the UAE.

The proposal came as a group of Pakistani doctors practicing in the Emirates were invited by the embassy in Abu Dhabi to discuss ways to help compatriots.

Dr. Adeel Ajwad Butt, Chairperson Department of Medicine at Sheikh Khalifa Medical City, who was leading the group exchanged ideas on how to assist the Embassy with its plans to better serve its citizens.

Commenting on the idea to establish virtual clinic, Ambassador Jamil Ahmed Khan said: “This will be a breakthrough initiative as new technologies have enabled us to create such services to better serve our people efficiently and without having to incur huge cost.” The envoy also offered to facilitate partnership between medical practitioners’ associations in the UAE and Pakistan with a view to bring the cutting-edge medical specialization to Pakistan using new communications technologies including video conferencing.