Oreo Biscuits Rumour

Dubai Municipality notes that the ingredients of Oreo biscuits do not contain animal derivatives such as pork fat as declared in the food label. To verify the validity of this information, samples were taken for laboratory testing to ensure that the product conforms to what is stated on the food label.

Food products that do not contain meat or its derivatives and alcohol do not require the word “Halal” to be mentioned on their food label.

As for the presence of some alcoholic substances in the biscuits, the Food Safety Department confirms that this claim is incorrect due to the dry nature of the product’s composition, in addition to the results of laboratory tests.

The Food Safety Department assures that all imported and traded foods are subject to control, and ensures their safety and compliance with the approved specifications in the country.

The Municipality appealed to the public to contact it in case they want to inquire or confirm the news or when any problem occurs as a result of the use of any consumer products in general. Public can call 800900 or contact through Montaji window in the Dubai Municipality Smart App or checking the Confirmed News section in Dubai Municipality website, www.dm.gov.ae.

Source: Dubai Municipality