No check on senseless killings in Syria: paper

ABU DHABI, 23rd February, 2016 (WAM) — Syria is continuing to bleed and so do the hearts of all peace-loving people across the globe, commented a UAE daily.

“Sadly, just when hopes were raised after US Secretary of State John Kerry announced that a “provisional agreement” had been reached on a cessation of hostilities to begin in the next few days, blasts ripped through the Sayyida Zeinab suburb of Damascus and the central city of Homs, claiming the lives of several people,” said The Gulf Today in an editorial on Tuesday.

The Syrian civil war has already forced millions from their homes and devastated the country. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights recorded 76,021 deaths last year. The Britain-based group documented the deaths of nearly 18,000 civilians throughout 2014, among them 3,501 children.

The life-saving humanitarian needs of over 12 million displaced people inside Syria, and the millions of Syrian refugees scattered throughout the region and the countries that host them, make the task immensely challenging for the international community.

While Syrians yearn for peace, the highly condemnable bombings, claimed by Daesh, have proved that the dreaded organisation has not yet been tamed. According to UN officials, over two million people continue to face critical drinking water shortages in the Aleppo governorate.

The Khafsa water treatment facility in Aleppo was shut down on January 16th, prompting the UN to scale up its water tracking operations to provide eight million litres a day, enough to meet drinking needs of over 530,000 people, and fuel to operate ground water wells.

Extremists are a danger to any society and should not be allowed to exploit the present situation to intimidate or kill innocent civilians. As top UN officials point out, one has run out of words to fully explain the brutality, violence and callous disregard for human life, which is a hallmark of the Syrian crisis.

The continuing atrocities and killings by Daesh, which has seized large parts of Syria and neighbouring Iraq, have underlined the need for a swift solution. The senseless attacks should also not be allowed to undermine peace efforts.

“The humanitarian disaster in Syria calls for a united and humane world response and one cannot say with conviction that has happened as yet,” concluded the Sharjah-based daily.