Nimr s newest UAE-made 6 x 6 armored vehicles receives Level 3 international protection certification based on NATO standards

Abu Dhabi: Tawazun Holding s armored vehicle manufacturer, Nimr Automotive, has announced that it has been issued the prestigious STANAG 4569 Level 3 certification by an independent testing authority for its newest vehicle, the Nimr 6 X 6 Armored Personnel Carrier (APC). The certification is based on standards set forth by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Standardization Agreement.

Armored vehicles are deployed across a number of terrains globally and this has led to NATO issuing a classification system that is understood at an international level. The STANAG 4569 specification Protection Level for Occupants of Logistics and Light Armored Vehicles is used to classify lightweight protection against common threats used against military forces. The threats are categorized by level (1 to 5), depending on extent of the danger that the vehicle and its passengers are expected to encounter.

With this newly acquired certificate, Nimr is now able to produce 6 X 6 vehicles that have Level 3 mine and ballistic defense solutions for optimum terrain performance, as defined by NATO. It is the first time that a 6 X 6 armored personnel carrier created in the Middle East region has achieved such status.

Nimr APC vehicles are 100 percent designed, manufactured and assembled in the UAE and are built to withstand extreme conditions. These customizable, interoperable platforms, offering transport solutions for a wide range of combat and non-combat scenarios, are steadily building an international reputation for high quality and flexibility. Nimr s vehicles are designed to be employed in different situational scenarios, including as an armament carrier, logistics vehicle, ambulance, or a mobile Command and Control center. Today, the company is supplying a number of government defense forces around the world with these innovative vehicles.

Saif M. Al Hajeri, CEO of Tawazun Holding, said: “This certification marks a defining moment in the history of Nimr, and indeed for Tawazun Holding, to date. It is recognition of innovation, engineering and overall quality, and a further sign that UAE-made products are becoming recognized by the international defense industry.” He continues: “The STANAG 4569 Level 3 certification is notoriously difficult to obtain and so we are quietly proud that it has been awarded to the Nimr 6 X 6 APC.

It will further enhance the growing reputation of a locally-made product that is already driving customer enquiries from all over the globe. In turn and over time, this will help us to keep contributing to the growing industrial backbone of the UAE and the creation of sustainable skilled employment opportunities for its people.” The STANAG 4569 Nimr 6 X 6 APC Level 3 (3a and 3b) will be a hybrid version of the existing standard Nimr 6 X 6 model and will be offered in several versions such as an armored personnel carrier, an armored ambulance and as a shelter carrier.

Hamad Al Neyadi, Chairman of Nimr Automotive, commented: “This recognition based on NATO s standards will give our local, regional and global customers confidence that they are buying an armored personnel carrier that meets the highest international standards for its product class that is able to withstand and protect occupants from high mine or ballistic threats. We believe it will stimulate further interest in Nimr and its vehicles from both existing and new customers from a number of geographic markets.” Al Neyadi confirmed that the STANAG 4569 Level 3 Nimr 6 X 6 APC will be unveiled for the first time ever at the International Defense Exhibition and Conference (IDEX) taking place in Abu Dhabi, UAE, from February 17-21 2013.