Nato says prepared to send troops to denfend Turkey

BRUSSELS, 9th October, 2015 (WAM)–Nato says it is prepared to send troops to Turkey to defend its ally after violations of Turkish airspace by Russian jets.

Nato is to beef up its posture towards Moscow after condemning a “troubling escalation” in Russia’s air campaign in Syria, provocative Russian incursions into Turkish airspace and the continued menacing of the Baltic states, defence ministers said on Thursday night.

Jens Stoltenberg, the Nato secretary-general, said that the organisation intended to “send a clear message” to show that the world’s most powerful military alliance was prepared to act in defence of its citizens. “Nato will defend you, Nato is on the ground, Nato is ready,” he said.

Nato ministers added they were also ready to deploy rapid response force to the south “including in Turkey” where Russia this week twice flew into Turkish airspace. “Nato is able and ready to defend all allies, including Turkey, against any threat,” Stoltenberg said.