National Ambulance responded to 1,094 traffic accidents during Ramadan and Eid

ABU DHABI, 13th July, 2016 (WAM) — The National Ambulance responded to 1,094 traffic accidents in the Northern Emirates during the Holy Month of Ramadan and over Eid Al Fitr, particularly in the time leading up to Iftar and the period of Taraweeh prayers onwards.

During the Holy Month and on the Eid holidays 6,329 calls were made to the Ambulance Communications Centre, of which 4,266 required an activation of emergency resources. While the total number of calls were consistent with normal monthly numbers, activity peaked both before and after Iftar with a rise of 33 percent in the volume of motor vehicle accidents attended, MVAs, between 6 p.m. and 7 p.m. and a 41 percent rise between 9 p.m. and 12 a.m. compared to the same time periods in other months of the year.

In total, National Ambulance service responded to patients at 1,094 MVAs, of which 134 were during the Eid holidays. Three other reasons for responding during the Holy Month were unconsciousness (including diabetes cases), sickness and abdominal pain.

Deputy CEO of National Ambulance, Ahmed Saleh Al Hajeri, said, “National Ambulance is proud to work on the front-line serving the community across the Northern Emirates. As our figures illustrate, Ramadan places additional pressure on our resources. In particular activity in the hour leading to Iftar and the period of Taraweeh prayers onwards, required us to strategically manage resources to accommodate this peak in demand. Collecting data, such as during Ramadan, allows us to manage our resources effectively, and ensure we are always prepared to respond to what is required of us, enabling people to go about their lives safe in the knowledge that we are there to help, whenever required.”

National Ambulance commenced operations in the Northern Emirates in 2014 to provide round-the-clock, rapid pre-hospital emergency responses to patients across the Northern Emirates.