National Academy concludes virtual courses for coaches of School Olympics

DUBAI, The National Olympic Academy has concluded a series of training courses for coaches of the school Olympic programme during the period 9th-20th August 2020.

The courses, which were held via remote video technology, were coordinated with the Ministry of Education and sports federation of seven sports. The specialist courses included Judo, Taekwondo, swimming, fencing, archery, athletics, and badminton.

More than 516 participants took part in the training sessions including teachers and coaches at the Ministry of Education.

The sessions discussed the scientific means of identifying and selecting elite sports talents and how to nurture and polish their skills up to the required physical and technical standards.

The instructors stressed the importance of designing and preparing scientific training programmes tailored to the capabilities of athletes as well as the forecasting of technical preparations and the improved competitiveness in future.

They believe that the selection of gifted athletes hinges on the scientific methods in use, which must include two main aspects, namely the analysis of performance requirements of the specialist sports activity, and the identification of the characteristics of top potential athletes.


Source: Emirates News Agency

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