MUSIAD Fair Forum

15th MUSIAD International Fair, which will be organized at CNR Fair Center between 26th and 30th November, will be held together with 4 large international organizations this year.  Beside the 15th MUSIAD International Fair, which will be made with the theme ‘the World is Changeable (Let the businesses change/Let the World change), the 18th International Business Forum (IBF) Congress with the title “The Paradigm Shift: New Financial Trends”, the 4th Palestine Business Forum (PBF) Congress and the 30th COMCEC Summit will be simultaneously made in the same area.

7000 businessmen from 102 countries are expected to attend the 15th MUSIAD International Fair, which will be held in 8 Halls spread over a 100,000-m2 area. It is aimed that a total of 200,000 people will visit the Fair together with the businessmen in our country and the visitors.

World is Changeable: Let the Businesses Change/Let the World Change

MUSIAD, which believes that working life should be formed in line with certain principles,determined the theme of the fair as ‘let the businesses change/let the world change’ in order to show and explain the correct trade in line with the universal law involving justice, honesty and virtue. MUSIAD maintains that trade should not only target consumption, and particularly, it does not accept consuming without working and producing. The fact that the income that increases in the life of the individual and in the life of the institutions should not violate the moral values will also be underlined in this fair.

High Technology Production for Supremacy in Trade Competitiveness

The fair, which includes all sectors in the general trade fair concept,designed and positioned the concept of the ‘High Tech Port’ for the first time this year by taking a separate hall as a requirement of the importance given by MUSIAD to technology and information technologies.

Our exhibition, which was performed with the name ‘New Technologies Exhibition’ in the last two MUSIAD fairs, and which brought the project owners and the firms together with respect to technology production, will gather the technology manufacturing giants of Turkey, the project owners and the investors this year, and will bring them together with the foreign businessmen coming from abroad. In this year’s fair, ‘High Tech Port by MUSIAD’ will take place among the synchronous activities. Press launch of the national radar system will be made during the event, and the technological products such as Turkey’s first jet engine and new machinery systems will be exhibited in this fair.

“The Center of the Global Trade””

The MUSIAD fair and IBF Forum activity will be a platform wherePresidents and distinguished statesmen from our country and from abroad, bureaucrats, presidents of the trade and industry chambers, heads of non-governmental organizations, academicians, the editors of the international and local economy, members of the press, investors, young entrepreneurs and international distinguished businessmen will meet. It will be an organization in which the topics in the agenda of the global business community are discussed and concrete solutions are offered, creating opportunities and mediums for sectoral cooperation and solidarity among the participants, and building fair trade & investment bridges.

The fair will take place under the auspices of the Presidency,and the Prime Ministry and various Ministries will also support the fair.

Furthermore, it has been aimed to present a rich content to the participants at the Fair, together with the exhibition of traditional handicrafts and craftsmen and the new technologies exhibition, presentations of the participating countries for the trade opportunities, investment and innovation projects, and business forums the Anatolian cities for the foreign delegations with the cooperation of MUSIAD Branches and Regional Development Agencies.

Another feature of the Exhibition-Forum is that itis an international event bringing both the public and the private sector together andextending areas of collaboration.

“Procurement Committee Program”

At the 15th MUSIAD Fair; with the participation of Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Nigeria, Libya, Pakistan, Sudan, South Africa, Morocco, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, U.A.E. and Qatar, the opportunity to hold bilateral business negotiations with approximately 400 businessmen will arise anda serious acceleration in the trade relations with these 14 countries will be attained. Traveling not only in İstanbul but also in Anatolia, the visitor committees will organize various business forums with MUSIAD Branches.

The History of MUSIAD and the15th MUSIAD FAIR

MUSIAD (Independent Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association)was established in Istanbul in 1990. MUSIADhas pioneered in encouraging the expansion of the Turkish businessmen abroad, and developing their international relations on the issues such as their export, import, investment partnerships and technology exchange.

The number of companies owned by the members of MUSIAD, which has representation points in 78 provinces throughout Turkey, has approached 35.000, and it has representatives almost in every sector. Furthermore, it is a giant organization with 155 points of contact in 60 countries.

Even in 2009, when the global financial crisis was most deeply felt in all the developed and developing countries, 17% of the export potential of Turkey, which performed 102 billion dollars of export, was realized by the MUSIAD members. The contribution of the member firms to our Association for unemployment has reached 1 million. Our Association is a big NGO, which has a total of 7,500 members, 5,000 of which are permanent members, and 2,500 of which are Young MUSIAD members today. One of the most important points is that, many of the members today trade with more than 100 countries.

MUSIAD International Fair was first held in İzmir in 1993. The MUSIAD Fair, which was moved to Istanbul after being held in Izmir for 3 times, is celebrating its 15th anniversary as a general trade fair organized by an NGO in a period when specialized fairs are popular. The fair is carried out every two years.

Showing great success of% 79 satisfaction rate of the participating business people and visitors, the 14th MUSIAD International Fair and the 16th IBF Congress, which were organized in 2012, were held in a 45.000 m2 area and brought together 5.140 foreign businessmen from 92 countries, 27 Ministers from 33 countries and 150.000 businessmen throughout Turkey.

International Business Forum (IBF)

The first of the International Business Forum (IBF) Congress was held in Pakistan in 1995, and its management and general secretariat were devolved on MUSIAD in 1997.

“The Platform Combining the Public and the Private Sector”

Today, International Business Forum (IBF) Congress is the official business forum of ISEDAK – Organizationof Islamic Cooperation,Standing Committee of the Economic and Commercial Collaboration. Since 2006, MUSIAD is the official responsible for theIBF forum.  Once in two years, ISEDAK and IBF are organized concurrently with the MUSIAD Fair in İstanbul. In the year when the fair is not held, however, IBF Congress is organized in a country which is a member of IBF.The Board of Directors of IBF consists of the member associations of businessmen from 22 countries. In the IBF Congresses, which are realized with the participation of the leaders of the business World, the 18th of the Congress in which economic, social and political issues of the countries are discussed, the solution methods are discussed, the business projects meet with the partner and the investor, opportunities are provided for new business expansions will be organized and the headline ‘Paradigm Shift: The New Financial Trends’ will be handled.

Thank you in advance for your interest in our events. I would like to invite all our businessmen to MUSIAD Fair offering a reliable and extensive business network and to our international events

MUSIAD Chairman