Municipality of Abu Dhabi City steps up preparations in Foodstuff Distribution Centers during Ramadan

Abu Dhabi: Since the advent of the holy month of Ramadan, the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City’s preparations hit top gear in the two Foodstuffs Distribution Centers at Al Zafarana in Abu Dhabi city, and Musaffah.

To meet the needs of citizens during the holy month, the Municipality has provided sufficient stock of foodstuffs in keeping with the standards of quality, enhanced performance and civilized services.

The Municipality indicated that both Food Distribution Centers made a quantum leap in terms of the quality of services rendered to citizens to facilitate the foodstuff purchasing process. From the start of the holy month of Ramadan, measures and preparations have been taken to facilitate the purchasing of foodstuff quotas, and Centers management made it clear for all suppliers to provide ample supplies of food products to be sold through these designated outlets.

As to the criteria adopted in distributing such consumer goods, the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City is keen on ensuring each citizen is issued with an invoice voucher giving description and quantities of food items purchased, together with a financial receipt certifying the collection of the value of these commodities. The beneficiary needs to submit these receipts to the delivery clerk at the distribution points, who will deliver the goods stated in the invoice in a straightforward and simple process. It remains to be said that the allocated quantities are geared to the number of family members.

The Municipality has fixed the working hours at the service centers during the month of Ramadan for distributing and delivering food items to customers from 9.30 am to 1.30 pm.

The number of families registered in the Foodstuff Distribution Program is nearly 42,000 families and there is a marked increase in the process of issuing foodstuff cards at an average of approximately 35 cards per day.

With regard to types and prices of food products sold at both distribution centers, the prices offered were concluded as a result of a joint cooperation between public and private sectors, in agreement with product manufacturers.

In general, there is a 20% price discount offered at those distribution centers when compared with the market prices of the same goods. However, in some items, the discount may reach as much as 30%. It is note-worthy that the 10 kg-packet sugar is added to the list of food items distributed.

According to the Municipality, there is a wide range of food products allocated to both centers and the list includes Basmati rice offered at a price of AED 120 per sack, flour No (1) at a price of AED 72 per 50 kg pack, flour No (2) at AED 70 per 50 kg pack, Flour No (1) at AED 16 per 10 kg sack, and Flour No (2) at AED 15 per 10 kg sack. Mash grain (Harees) packet weighing 40 kg is priced at AED 63, whereas the 10 kg packet of same costs as low as AED16, and the price of a 10 kg fine sugar packet is set at AED 30.

As far dates fruit prices are concerned, a dozen bags packet of Khalas dates weighing 750 grams is offered at AED 120, while a compact dozen packet of Khalas dates weighing 1 kg is offered at AED 120. The 14 bags packets of Fardh dates, weighing 500 grams, is sold at AED 80, and a two-dozen packet of dates molasses (honey) weighing 400 grams is worth AED 140, while a dozen-packet of dates paste weighing 1 kg costs AED 80. In syrups, a 24 piece packet of Chiquita orange juice, pineapple juice, cocktail juice, bananas juice, strawberry juice or mango juice of 180 ml volume costs AED 36, whereas 40 packs of 200 ml of mixed Capri-Sun juice, mango, orange or strawberry is on offer at AED 30. One-hundred packs of 70 gram packs of tomato paste cost AED 55.

As for cooking oils, 6 containers with a capacity of 1.8 liters of Light Life corn oil is AED 85, while the price of 12 bottles of olive oil packed in 250 ml containers is AED 65. A 24 bottle packet of Al Ain mineral water packed in 500 ml bottles is sold to the worth of AED 11, and the cost is AED 10 for the same product for a pack of 330 ml bottles. A 24 cups pack of 250 ml of Al Ain mineral water costs only AED 9, whereas the pack of 110 cups of 48 ml is sold for AED 9.5.

The civic body said that it is keen on widening the reach of municipal services to all metropolitan areas and as such has completed the installation of 6 devices for the electronic distribution of food items in the Head Office, and external municipal centers as well as the two Foodstuff Distribution Centers in Abu Dhabi and Musaffah.