Municipality of Abu Dhabi City seizes 140 kg of anonymous cosmetics

Abu Dhabi: The Municipality of Abu Dhabi City has seized 140 kilograms of cosmetics of unknown origin; some of them bear medical allegations or have no product labels written in Arabic or English.

During its crackdown in the closing nights of the holy month of Ramadan 227 female beauty salons and centers were inspected in a bid to verify their compliance with the health stipulations as well as the public health codes, 3 salons and 18 centers have been served with warnings.

The Municipality stressed the importance of compliance of beauty salons and centers with the standards ‘&’ stipulations of cleanliness and public health, and called on visitors of these outlets to ensure the implementation of such standards and take early action towards reporting to the Municipality any practices or offences jeopardizing the health and safety of the community.

Khalifa Al Rumaith, Director of Public Health at the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City, praised the results of the campaign and said: “Municipal inspection teams covered the entirety of Abu Dhabi city under the campaign that principally aimed at educating operators and staff of beauty salons on health practices ought to be observed in their outlets, raising the awareness of beauty salons customers on how to safeguard their safety ‘&’ health, and eliminating any violations or contraventions to the health stipulations and standards inside these centers.

“Tracking beauty salons and centers as well as other facilities related to the public is not linked in fact to a specific campaign or timing, and the municipal surveillance teams carry out daily monitoring and health control measures,” he added.

Al Rumaithi continued: “The Municipality made it clear that it will not hesitate to take necessary measures against any party proved to have violated the applicable health stipulations in a way inflicting damage to the health ‘&’ safety of the community. In case any entity is caught adding harmful materials, the products will be immediately confiscated and legal measures will be taken against the offender; which might be as tough as closing the entity, abolishing the trading license, prohibiting the practicing of the activity, imposing hefty fines, and confiscating any materials proved by lab tests to contain petroleum, chemical or harmful products.” The campaign was set off in the closing nights of Ramadan as beauty salons and centers were busy with customers on the eve of Eid al Fitr in order to ensure their compliance with the health stipulations and public health codes in place under the strategy of the Municipality to maintain the public health and safety, and combat any risks undermining the safety and public health of the community.