Municipal centers to receive customers from 7 am to 5 pm after Eid holidays

Abu Dhabi: The Municipality of Abu Dhabi City announced that Customer Service Centers would resume receiving the public at the Head Office as usual from 07:00 am up to 05:00 pm, and at External Centers from 07:00 am to 03:00 pm after the end of Eid Al-Fitre holidays.

The move is aimed to serve customer needs and sustain the rising tempo of transaction processing to meet the expectations and serve the interests of our valued customers.

The Customer Service Centers have processed 22 thousand transactions during the holy month of Ramadan. A report compiled by the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City states more than 22 thousand transactions were processed including more than 11 thousand transactions related to the issuance of consumption materials supplied through the two Foodstuffs Distribution Centers at Abu Dhabi and Musaffah, whereas about 2,000 transactions were related to the health inspection operations supplementing customers transactions, and licensing of activities. More than 10 thousand transactions related to lands have also been processed.

The report stated that Customer Service Centers have upgraded the service offering process as it managed over the past three months to process more than 123 thousand different transactions; with May witnessing the process of more than 21 thousand transactions through Foodstuffs Distribution Centers, and transaction processing clocked more than 22 thousand in June and 23 thousand in July. In the field of following up health inspection operations relating to licensing of activities, more than 1,600 transactions have been processed in May, 1,500 transactions in June and 1,700 transactions in July in addition to several transactions and services rendered to customers during the same period.