Ministry of Education launches Innovation@UAE Majlis research talk series

DUBAI, The Ministry of Education has announced the launch of a research talk series to engage the public and those interested, in various academic research projects, with its inaugural talk on 22nd February, 2021, focusing on COVID-19 research.

The talk series focuses on advancing and supporting academic research in the country by providing a platform to academic researchers leading innovative projects of relevance to the UAE and internationally.

Each month, a timely research topic will be selected and researchers based at accredited higher education institutes (HEIs) in the UAE will be invited to submit a two-minute video on their research relating to that topic. The videos will be evaluated on how relevant and interesting the research is to the public, how well the project has been explained, and the talk’s overall comprehensibility, from which the top three will be selected.

The talks will be developed and then be delivered at a virtual talk event, to which students, academia, and members of the public are invited to attend and participate in question-and-answer sessions following each talk. The talks will be delivered in English and subtitled in Arabic.

“The Innovation@UAE Majlis events will provide a platform for some of the UAE’s many researchers leading impactful and promising research projects. Showcasing their work in a public forum, using non-technical language, will enable young people and the general public to learn about and engage with scientific research, mutually benefiting all,” said Dr. Mohammad Al-Mualla Under-Secretary for Academic Affairs of the Ministry of Education of the UAE.

The launch has been scheduled to coincide with Innovation Week, taking place across the UAE from 21st to 27th February.


Source: Emirates News Agency

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