Ministry of Education highlights ‘Study in UAE’ campaign at BETT Show in UK

DUBAI, The Ministry of Education has announced its participation at the world’s largest educational technology show BETT, running until 25th January 2020. In addition to showcasing its innovative educational technology capabilities and renowned universities, the Ministry of Education is highlighting “Study in UAE” campaign, promoting the country as the preferred destination for students from all over the world to pursue their undergraduate studies.

The Ministry of Education stand at Bett will include “Study in UAE”, with the participation of 6 leading UAE universities, namely: UAE University, Higher Colleges of Technology, Zayed University, Khalifa University, Ajman University and Hamdan bin Mohammed Smart University.

As the first nation with a government minister dedicated to AI and with plans to test the introduction of a robotic police officer, innovation is key for the region. The Ministry of Education has introduced fourth industrial revolution, 4IR, technologies such as robotics and blockchain into its education system so students can have an opportunity to learn more about these pioneering technologies. The region is also pioneering Artificial Intelligence & Robotics Series (a programme which has been created to help students develop their AI knowledge and set them up for the job market in the near future).

Commenting on the participation in BETT, Hussain bin Ibrahim Al Hammadi, Minister of Education, said, “The UAE has become one of the prominent and attractive global destinations for visitors from different countries to visit, work, study or live in, due to its social stability, cosmopolitan environment, human and development capabilities and strategic plans that enhance individual progress, which aids in its society development.”

He added that BETT is an opportunity to showcase the UAE’s achievements across all levels, especially in the education sector that is devoted to a modern learning vision, and what it includes from higher education institutions that have come to the forefront in global competitive indicators, pointing out that the Ministry, through launching its “Study in UAE” campaign, is looking to attract students to study at its universities, meet their academic and professional aspirations, achieve a unique learning experience, and to open broad horizons of excellence, development and work that the UAE offers to international students.

The UAE has established the Emirati School Model few years ago to raise the standards of teaching and learning, enabling all schools across the country to operate under a standardised framework, developed according to the best international practices, and aiming at keeping up with future changes and developments that compete with international education systems.

The Emirati school Model consist of seven pillars, each focusing on a different aspect of mainstream education. By streamlining processes across all schools, the UAE has taken a 360 view which puts technology at the heart of education.

During BETT, the Ministry of Education will present the “Advanced Skills Strategy”, which was previously announced by Dr. Ahmad bin Abdullah Humaid Belhoul Al Falasi, Minister of State for Higher Education and Advanced Skills, aims at establishing the concept of “Lifelong Learning” for all UAE nationals and residents.

The “Advanced Skills Strategy” provides students, fresh graduates and experienced individuals with the most important skills required to prepare them for the fast-changing future. The skills include advanced skills identification and measurement, target segments identification, policies and programme setting and movement creation, which all help create a “Lifelong Learning” environment. The strategy sets out 12 skills that can be acquired and students can apply in all practical sectors. The list of skills, which appears in the form of an interactive electronic game, include scientific literacy, tech literacy, financial literacy, critical thinking, creativity, communication, collaboration, adaptability, leadership, social and cultural awareness, empathy and growth mindset.

Source: Emirates News Agency