Mid-day break rule compliance reaches over 99% in two months: MoL

Abu Dhabi: Almost all private companies have complied with the three month-long mid-day break rule, a top labour official disclosed today.

The Ministry of Labour (MoL) bans out-door activities under the direct sun light from 12.30 and 3.00pm from June 15 until September 15 this year.

Mohsen Ali, Director Inspection Department, MoL, said 99.79% of private firms had committed to the resolution from June 15 up to end of August 2012.

He noted that labour inspectors had carried out 68,203 visits to worksites to ensure employers were falling on line.

According to him, inspectors conducted 53,990 inspectional visits across the country and found that 53,881 firms (99.79%) were abided by the resolution while only 102 firms (0.20%) had failed to do so.

”The high percentage of compliance underlines the level of awareness among employers about the importance of the resolution and its effectiveness in protecting workers for the eight running year,” he stressed.