Empower organises summer internship for Emirati university students

DUBAI, Emirates Central Cooling Systems Corporation, Empower, has organised summer internship programme for Emirati university students from different disciplines. The 8-week internship, which started earlier this month, aims to develop students’ practical capabilities and prepare them for the job market.

The summer training programme is accepting students from the Higher Colleges of Technology for Girls, the American University, University of Sharjah and other universities, from various disciplines including mechanical, electrical and civil engineering, business administration, human resources, applied science in information systems, among others.

The trainees will have the opportunity to visit Empower’s 73 district cooling plants and systems to acquire knowledge and practical experience. The programme has a specialised training that includes theoretical and practical aspects in finance, operations and maintenance, and other departments at Empower.

Ahmed Bin Shafar, CEO of Empower, highlighted Empower’s commitment to participate in achieving the vision of the UAE’s leadership to invest in Emirati youth and enhance their skills and talents for a better tomorrow.

Bin Shafar noted that the students will be offered an opportunity to learn about the nature of Empower’s work in all its departments, and get acquainted with the work of the district cooling plants, under the supervision of heads of departments, technicians and specialists.

Source: Emirates News Agency