37 Houthis killed in Arab Coalition air strikes, Giant Brigades operations

HODEIDAH, A total of 37 fighters of the Iran-backed Houthi militias were killed in air strikes launched by the Saudi-led Arab Coalition and in confrontations with the Giants Brigades, part of the joint Yemeni Resistance Forces, in an operation aimed at controlling the centre of Al Tahita district in Yemen.

Dozens of Houthi militia elements were captured by the forces in a large operation against their hideouts. Other militia fighters fled, leaving behind their weapons, equipment and dead bodies.

The Coalition’s air strikes targeted several positions, gatherings and reinforcements belonging to Iran-backed Houthi militias in the areas around Zubaid district, inflicting heavy casualties among the militias ranks.

The joint Yemeni Resistance forces combed large areas of Al Tahita district, and cleared mines and IEDs laid by the Houthis in a desperate attempt to delay the forces advancement.

Source: Emirates News Agency