Media spokespersons key partners in gov’t communication policy, says minister

Minister of Government Communication and Government Spokesperson Faisal Shboul stressed the importance of media spokespersons’ role as key dialogue partners for the ministry’s draft general policy for media and government communication. During a periodic meeting with ministries’ spokespersons held at Tuesday the Jordan News Agency (Petra), Shboul said that one of the tasks of the Ministry of Government Communication, according to its administrative organization system, is to empower media spokespeople and train them to guarantee more information and media flow to the public and local media. Shboul pointed out that, in order to enhance the role of media spokespersons, he will hold periodic meetings with spokespersons at other ministries. On the draft general media policy, he underscored that it stressed building a relationship of trust with the public and the media through various tools, including activating communication channels and empowering media spokespersons by preparing media messages for ministries and government institutions to support their strategies and plans with the aim of “unifying the government narrative.” The minister underlined the importance of linking the projects of ministries and government institutions and their strategic plans with the Economic Modernization Vision, indicating that JD670 million have been allocated for projects and initiatives within the (2023-2025) executive program of the vision in the current year, with the first phase of the program, which will wrap up in 2025, costing an estimated JD2.3 billion. On training and employment programs, Shboul indicated that the ministry has launched training and qualification programs for media spokespersons in ministries and government communication workers in government institutions over the next three years, in addition to appointing journalism and media graduates in education and health departments and developing training projects that end with employment in the health and tourism sectors for those graduates, in partnership with civil society organizations. During the meeting, Shboul touched on the upcoming United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) conference on the occasion of Global Media and Information Literacy Week, which will be held next October in Jordan, indicating that the ministry has started preparations for the conference, which will bring together more than 800 people.

Source: Jordan News Agency