‘Me & My Sibling’ programme holds 148 events, brings together 257 people of determination

DUBAI, The Ministry of Community Development continues to implement the summer programme “Me & My Sibling”, at the government people of determination centres. The programme achieved broad participation of the people of determination, their siblings and mothers, and community members in general.

Over two weeks, the Ministry organised 148 events bringing together 257 people of determination students in government centres, 72 siblings and mothers, and 121 people who participated in the events virtually.

The summer programme “Me & My Sibling” is implemented in six people of determination centres supervised by the Ministry of Community Development namely: Dubai People of Determination Centre, Ajman People of Determination Centre, Umm Al Quwain Autism Centre, Ras Al Khaimah People of Determination Centre, Al Fujairah People of Determination Centre, Dibba Al Fujairah People of Determination Centre, in partnership with the UAE Special Olympics, Dubai World Trade Centre, General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowments, Sharjah Museums Authority and a number of entities all over the UAE.

“Me & My Sibling” programme aims to promote the participation and harmony among siblings in various situations, increase the awareness of the people of determination siblings on how to deal with various disabilities and train them to support their people of determination and achieve the objectives of their independent skills, strengthen their relationships at family levels, provide psychological support to people of determination through their siblings’ presence at the centre, and increase their participation in interactive games and educational workshops as well as attractive and targeted entertainment events.

The summer programme “Me & My Sibling” is a training awareness programme aimed at involving the people of determination siblings in a range of recreational and awareness activities, paving the opportunity for these siblings to build bridges of cooperation and bonds with people of determination, share experiences and ideas that support the cause of disability, increase collaboration between the siblings and people of determination centres, to reflect sustainably on their family and community lives.

The programme focuses on giving siblings a role towards their people of determination brothers or sisters in the rehabilitation process and social life beginning with reducing the burden on mothers being the key partner in the rehabilitation and follow-up process with the people of determination centres. In the long run, the programme aims to achieve active participation by the siblings towards their people of determination, eliminate any negative impacts of disability, increase the process of interacting with the people of determination and their siblings and activate their role as a supporting element in the rehabilitation process.

Source: Emirates News Agency