Matching system for used imported vehicles launched by ESMA and ADNOC Distribution

ABU DHABI: Emirates Standardization and Metrology Authority (ESMA) and ADNOC Distribution have formally launched technical examination service system for used imported vehicles entering the country to make sure that they meet the UAE standards which also match the GCC and international specifications. The service system entails issuance of inspection certificates for vehicles that match the specifications and standards at all ADNOC’s Distribution centers throughout the Emirate of Abu Dhabi as of September 2, 2012.

“The implementation of these measures has become a must.” He pointed out that ADNOC Distribution has started coordinating with ESMA to start technical examination service system for used imported vehicles in line with UAE standards,” Acting Director General of ESMA Mohammed Saleh Badri said.

Badri added that the Ministry of Interior’s Traffic Coordination Department was informed of this service in order to issue a circular to all federal traffic and licensing departments throughout the UAE and to adopt the conformity certificates issued after vehicle testing from ADNOC Distribution.

He called on importers of used imported vehicles whether trade shows or individuals to head for ADNOC Distribution centers to have their light vehicles technically inspected and to make sure that they conform to UAE standards and specifications to obtain a certificate of conformity.

Badri said: “This process is in implementation of the agreement signed between ESMA and ADNOC Distribution in April 2011on the examination of used imported vehicles entering the country which are imported by individuals, show rooms to ensure their compliance to UAE standards and specifications.” He stressed that signing of this agreement and its implementation came within the framework of to enhance cooperation between the two parties to further support the national economy and economic development plans, safeguarding the provision of high quality services in conformity with the set standards.

Badri highlighted: “As per the agreement, ADNOC Distribution carries out examination of used imported vehicles and it has to make sure they comply with UAE standards and specifications. ADNOC Distribution is in charge of issuing inspection forms for vehicles conforming to the specifications at its centers within the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.” He stressed the importance of bilateral cooperation between state institutions for public interest and for ensuring economic and ecological safety and protection by improving and upgrading public services such as checking used imported vehicles and their compliance with the adopted and set standards.

He pointed out the authority in October 2011 started inspection of used vehicles in Abu Dhabi in cooperation with (ADNOC) to ensure that all used vehicles that will be registered match matching UAE standards that are adopted and accepted by the ESMA. Badri explained that all used vehicles that are sold within the Emirate of Abu Dhabi are subject to necessary inspection to obtain a certificate of conformity which is issued by ESMA that assures the vehicle whether imported or locally sold is in line with set standards. Without this certificate, the vehicle cannot be registered.

ESMA acting director general reiterated: “The inspection is deemed a signification step that helps make sure that vehicles and tyres match the criteria and standards set by ESMA to secure safety and security of drivers and passengers.” He explained that these tests had been designed to conform to ESMA specifications and standards in terms of health and safety of consumers as the authority seeks to expand its scope of work to cover all products within the UAE markets.

Badri added that the technical and mechanical inspection of vehicles provides further confidence by auto buyers and owners as such inspection is based on the latest GCC and international standards in this regard.

He clarified that “ADNOC” had joined those centers where inspections and conformity measures are conducted. There are other centers where conformity certificates are issued that are affiliates to Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC/ EPPCO), Traffic Department in Fujairah, Tamam Company, Shamel for Inspection and Vehicle Registration which is an affiliate to the ENOC, ESMA offices in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Abdullah AL Dhaheri, Adnoc for distribution director general, stressed that the application of these new measures in cooperation with ESMA in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and the Western Region.

“There are 9 centers for inspection so far to ensure safety and security of vehicle users with ful compliance with ESMA specifications,” said A Dhaheri.

He added that these centers extend services of inspection of many vehicles, following the best international standards.

“We introduced the technical inspection of used vehicles to be compatible with the GCC and Emarati standards. In 2011l, we inspected more than 520,000 vehicles in Abu Dhabi Emirate,” continued Al Dhaheri.

Badri referred to international statistics which show that more than 1.5 million people are killed worldwide each year due to lack of safety standards on roads. Amongst these standards are vehicle specifications, pointing out that ESMA will continue its intensive campaigns to spread awareness in the coming period to orient consumers about the importance of applying such standards and to shed light on damages and risks resulting from the used cars that do not comply with the set specifications.