Luxurious driving SUV GS5, widely versatile MPV GN6 launched in the Kingdom of Bahrain

MANAMA, Bahrain, Aug. 19, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — On August 18, GAC MOTOR released its two latest car models, the popular GS5 and widely versatile GN6 in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Both models come in two variants, the GS5 GE and GS5 GL, and for the GN6, the GN6 GE and GN6 GT.

The luxurious driving SUV GS5 and widely versatile MPV GN6

It is worth mentioning that GAC MOTOR also launched exclusive car purchase privileges where consumers can enjoy five benefits when purchasing a car on site. This includes three years of free maintenance and seven years of warranty, free insurance, additional free car body wrap and subsequent rust removal services.

The GS5 is built for the urban modern consumers, positioned as luxurious driving SUV. It aims to bring the ultimate driving experience to Bahraini consumers through stronger power, higher quality and more cutting-edge smart technology. At the same time, with its “luxurious and impressive exterior, flexible and spacious interior, comfortable and safe travel experience”, GN6 is position as a widely versatile MPV suitable for a family friendly experience.

Based on its world-class products and excellent services, GAC MOTOR has been widely loved by Bahraini consumers since its launch into the Bahrain market, achieving excellent sales growth. In recent years, the overall global development of GAC MOTOR has accelerated the launch of new cars and improvement to their product research and development. Their global expansion efforts have also been stable and progressing rapidly which is compelling to the industry. Throughout 2019, GAC MOTOR achieved global sales of 10,205 units, an increase of 97% from the previous month. At the same time, in the 2019 IQS brand ranking, it also ranked sixth in the car market. The reputation of the GAC MOTOR has shown explosive growth, which is highly recognized internationally.

Behind their amazing market performance and global market advancement, is the high quality and excellent ability of GAC MOTOR. Over the years, the GAC R&D Center has insisted on independent research and development, open innovation, and intensive cultivation. Since 2017, GAC R&D Center has carried out 128 technological innovation projects, and more than 80% of the results have been undertaken and applied, where 40% of them have been used on the products. Thanks to the application of the innovative achievements of the GAC R&D Center, GAC MOTOR’s newly launched GS5, GN6 and other models all represent the most advanced level of current technology development.

GAC MOTOR is moving internationally, not only to launch production and technology overseas but more importantly, to penetrate the hearts of local people and promote the brand image worldwide. In the future, GAC MOTOR will be using its core competitiveness of the leading industry to accurately grasp the market demand, launch more new models suitable for the Bahrain market, and continue to create a pleasant mobile life for local consumers with high-quality products and comprehensive services.

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