The legal expert, Salem Hawass, said: The Kurdistan Region has the right to reject changes that affect its rights.

He added in a press statement: As long as adherence to the political agreement of the State Administration Coalition is the basis for security and stability in Iraq, and it is the step on which the political process in Iraq has relied since 2003 towards a better future for the country and all its components, the changes that affect the budget and the rights of the Kurdistan Region are considered a violation of the agreements concluded.

Hawass stressed: Going beyond understanding and agreement and seeking to violate rights and agreements outside the constitution only results in disappointment and disturbs the political stability on which the state was built, calling on the political parties to abide by the agreements in order to avoid creating new legal and constitutional crises.

He explained: As long as the Parliamentary Legal Committee completed the legal formulation of the budget items and sent them to the Finance Committee, the Finance Committee inevitably waits for the agreement of the political blocs to resolve the differences before proceeding with a vote on them in the House of Representatives, and therefore this requires the fulfillment of the obligations and promises concluded with the region.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency