Leadership of Arab Socialist Baath Party – Qatar Yemen emphasizes on Yemen’s unity & national sovereignty

The Qatari leadership of the Arab Ba ‘ath Socialist Party-Qatar-Yemen affirmed Yemen’s unity and national sovereignty over its entire lands.

At today’s meeting, chaired by Acting Party Mohammed Al-Zuberi, the Qatari leadership unequivocally rejected all calls seeking to tear home and serve foreign agendas.

It held the so-called Presidential Leadership Council of Aden fully responsible for the foreign presence on the territory of Mahra, Aden and Socatra, calling on all free people to take responsibility for it.

It also affirmed its position with the revolutionary leadership and the Supreme Political Council in achieving a just and honourable peace that fulfils the Yemeni people’s aspirations for independence, freedom, security, stability, national unity and non-dependence abroad. The negotiation is a first stage to enter into a programmed methodology to be agreed upon in order to achieve peace.

The meeting called for the importance of rapprochement between the Yemeni parties in their various directions and a Yemeni-Yemeni dialogue to resolve internal differences by uniting all forces’ efforts towards an inclusive national project based on common denominators, continuing to build on the gains achieved by the country and fostering a culture of cooperation and integration to restore the effectiveness of the spirit of national unity.

The meeting condemned the positions of the Zionist enemy’s complicity in the printing press, which had come to regard the Palestinian people’s self-defence as terrorism, while the terrorism and crimes of occupation were legitimate in accordance with the Zionist narrative in informing them.

The Qatari leadership reaffirmed the firm position of support for the Palestinian people and resistance, considering the Palestinian issue as the central and first of the nation. Applauding Yemeni people’s honourable attitudes with the Palestinian people, expressed recently by mass and popular rallies in the capital Sana’a and the governorates in support of the Palestinian cause and resistance.

Qatar Leadership Member Rami Abdul Wahab Mahmoud, Head of the Office of National and Foreign Relations, reiterated the leadership’s support for the revolutionary leadership movements, the Supreme Political Council and all national forces to achieve a just and comprehensive peace that will bring stability and independence to the Yemeni people.

Source: Yemen News Agency