KZHF to implement ‘Iftar Project’ in 50 countries worldwide

Abu Dhabi: The Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Humanitarian Foundation (KZHF) will implement ‘Iftar Project’ in 50 countries around the world in cooperation with the concerned UAE embassies.

This comes in light with the humanitarian seasonal project during the holy month of Ramadan in order to support the poor and needy people in the Arab and Islamic countries and the Islamic communities worldwide.

At least twelve Arab, fourteen Asian, thirteen African and nine European countries in addition to Australia and Argentina will benefit from the Iftar project.

KZHF is keen to implement the project by distributing cooked meals or Food parcels for the benefit of some half a million individuals around the world.

The gesture is aimed at improving life conditions for poor and needy people around the world in lines with KZHF’s global humanitarian initiative and bridging gaps of giving and cooperation with sisterly and friendly countries as well as supporting societies that live under dire conditions due to natural disasters, disputes or wars.

Mohammed Haji Al Khouri, KZHF Director-General said UAE Ramadan aid project stemmed through the humanitarian and religious responsibility during the holy month towards the people of our same religion, culture and creed.