Kuwait Health Ministry denies radiation leakage at Kuwait Airport

KUWAIT, 8th November, 2015 (WAM) — The Kuwaiti Ministry of Health has confirmed that no radiation leakage was detected at Kuwait Airport after the accidental dropping of four containers of radioactive materials during transportation of a shipment to airport warehouses.

In statement to KUNA yesterday, Assistant Under-DSecretary for Public Health, Dr. Majeda Al-Qattan, said that the Ministry received a call from the Kuwait Fire Service Directorate saying that four containers containing radioactive iodine, imported for the Health Ministry’s Nuclear Medicine Department, fell during transportation from a cargo plane to warehouses.

In a response, a ministry radioactive materials inspection team rushed to the scene and examined the containers, taking samples from the surrounding area to gauge the level of radiation. The radiation measurement showed that there was no leakage at all from any of the containers.