Khalifa University Students head to France for Prestigious Internships

Abu Dhabi: Khalifa University announced today that 10 of its students have accepted prestigious internships with top international companies in France.

The 10 UAE Nationals, six men and four women, will work for THALES, MBDA, SNECMA and Dassault. All of these are world leaders in the aerospace and defence fields. The internships will last 45 days and focus exclusively on projects related to applications for the aeronautical and defense sectors.

The students will benefit from the experiences they will gain across a variety of different engineering fields, including aerospace, computer, mechanical and electronic, all are programs offered by Khalifa University.

Some of the areas they will focus on include: inspection and development of composite parts used in the manufacturing of Dassault Rafale jet fighters, subsonic and supersonic missile development and control design, and jet engine assembly and testing.

“Khalifa University offer its students, through its curriculum, state of the art 3D modelling and simulations software that enables them to learn and train on the latest available industry-standard technology and ensures that they are at the very top of their fields,” Said Interim Provost Mohammed Al-Mualla and Senior Vice President for Research at Khalifa University.

He continued, “We are pleased to see our students accepting internships with such prestigious companies. This kind of experience is invaluable. Our students will bring the knowledge that they gain back to the UAE, where they will apply it to their future studies and careers. Khalifa University is dedicated to making sure that its students receive the best education in addition to providing opportunities for international experiences. We also make a point of partnering with some of the world’s top companies, so that they can share their technology, expertise and experiences with our students. Our students are the leaders of tomorrow’s economy and everything they learn and experience will contribute to the creation of the knowledge economy as envisioned by Abu Dhabi’s 2030 vision.”