Khalifa gets Indonesian President's invitation to attend OIC's Extraordinary Islamic Summit on Palestine in Jakarta

ABU DHABI, 19th February, 2016 (WAM) – President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan has received an invitation from his Indonesian counterpart Joko Widodo to attend the Extraordinary Summit of the Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC) on Palestine and Al-Quds, which Indonesian capital, Jakarta, will host on the 6th and 7th of March, 2016.

Dr. Alawi Abdulrahman Shihab, the Special Envoy of the Indonesian President, has delivered the invitation to Ahmed Abdul Rahman Al Jarman, Assistant to Minister of Foreign and International Co-operation, during an audience at the ministry’s office in Dubai. Dr. Shihab also conveyed the greetings of the Indonesian President to President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa.

Thanking the Indonesian President for his kind invitation to President Khalifa, Al Jarman emphasised the UAE’s support for efforts being made by Indonesia to advance the Palestinian Cause, which the UAE vehemently backs at regional and international forums – being the central issue for the Arab and Islamic World.

For his part, the Special Envoy of the Indonesian President applauded the UAE’s leading and active role in the regional and international arena and its supportive and commendable stances towards the Palestinian Cause and the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people.

The decision to hold this Extraordinary Summit came in response to the request of Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, to consolidate and move the OIC’s efforts at Islamic and international levels to solidify the resistance of the Palestinian people in their struggle for their national and human rights, to provide international protection for the Palestinian people and to lay down mechanisms that will lead to the end of Israeli occupation and help Palestinians establish their independent state with Al Quds as its capital on the borderline of 1967.