Jerusalem Affairs ministry holds Zionist entity repercussions of provocative profanity

The Palestinian Ministry of Jerusalem Affairs held the authorities of the Zionist enemy fully responsible for the repercussions of the provocative and racist violation of occupied East Jerusalem and its sanctities.

The ministry warned that the widespread incursions into al-Aqsa Mosque and the provocative and racist marches in Bab al-Amoud and the Old City carry with it factors that escalate the situation in the occupied city in particular, and the Palestinian territories in general.

It pointed out that the Zionist extremist right-wing groups and their representatives in the right-wing government turn the memory of the city’s occupation into a declaration of war on people, trees and stones in the city.

“The calls for these incursions and marches come after the bulldozers of the Zionist enemy demolished 77 apartments in Wadi Qaddum in the town of Silwan, which led to the displacement of 50 Palestinians, most of them children,” it said.

The Ministry added “Extremist groups, and behind them the government of the Zionist enemy, are diligently attempting to undermine the historical and legal status quo in al-Aqsa Mosque, by escalating incursions, and calls for raising the Zionist flag in the courtyards of al-Aqsa, which represents a provocation to the feelings of Muslims in Palestine and around the world.” Extremist groups’ calls to participate in the so-called racist and provocative “flag march”, funded by the enemy’s municipality and government, are tantamount to a dangerous escalation whose repercussions the occupation government alone bears.

The Ministry of Jerusalem Affairs pointed out that the “flag march”, with its nature and the slogans launched during it and its contents, is racist and provocative.

It also called on the international community to stand firmly in the face of these Zionist violations and to stop them and hold the enemy alone responsible for their repercussions.

Source: Yemen News Agency