Insan Organization reveals hidden face of what abductees are exposed to in prisons of aggression

Crime cannot remain hidden, regardless of the criminals’ means of concealing it. Here are the crimes and violations of the aggression coalition against the abducted civilians, to confirm the extent of the ugliness and horror of this aggression and its mercenaries. It practices the most heinous crimes and violations against the abductees, including the abducted women.

This was narrated by a report by the Insan Organization for Rights and Freedoms and the testimonies of a number of released men and women from their prisons as part of the recent exchange deal.

Human rights organizations reveal an aspect of the crimes and violations of the aggression coalition and its mercenaries against the detainees and abducted civilians, the latest of which was shown by the Insan Organization for Rights and Freedoms statistics of torture and liquidation inside prisons and detention centers in Marib and Mocha, in addition to the spread of epidemics in prisons and others.

In this context, the Insan Organization for Rights and Freedoms documented a number of crimes of kidnapping, enforced disappearance, and liquidation against civilians, explaining that the number of civilian abductees during the period 2021-2023 AD reached nearly 1,200 abductees, including women and children. 256, including 198 civilian abductees, were released through prisoner exchange deals.

The organization revealed 645 cases of arrest of civilians in Marib governorate only and also documented the prisons in which the abductees are held in Marib, most notably the Al-Saleh Institute prison, which is one of the secret prisons, as well as the prisons of Bin Gharib, Political Security, Military Intelligence, Central Security, the military zone, and the court. and criminal investigation.

The organization also revealed, through interviews with some of the released detainees, that there are widespread epidemics inside the Political Security prison in Marib, including tuberculosis.

Insan Organization monitored (18) murders in Marib prisons, most notably the hidden Al-Saleh Institute prison and the Political Security prison.

The kidnappings were not limited to men only, but also affected women, as the Insan Organization monitored (10) cases of kidnapping of women, in addition to the fact that there were women who were liquidated, including Safaa Khaled Al-Amir and Rajaa Al-Sana’ani.

A report issued by the organization indicated that the number of detainees who were released from prisons and detention centers in Al-Mokha and the southern governorates reached 93 through prisoner exchange deals.

The report confirmed the presence of more than 250 detainees, including travelers, workers, women and children, who were imprisoned in a number of detention centers, including Al-Mokha port prison, Jabal Hadid detention centers, the presidential camp, Al-Dhaba port, the Republican Palace, Al-Buraiqa, Al-Inshaat camp, and Ghail bin Yamin, in addition to detention centers in the governorate. Al-Mahra and Socotra Detention Center, which is a UAE prison.

The Yemeni News Agency (Saba) met with a number of liberated female detainees and their families during a press conference held by Insan Organization, last Wednesday, to shed light on the crimes and violations to which civilian detainees are subjected in the prisons of the aggression and its mercenaries.

Samira Marsh, the detainee who was liberated in the recent exchange deal, told Saba about the story and circumstances of her arrest from her home in Al-Hazm in Al-Jawf Governorate, explaining that her house was raided at 3:30 in the morning and they asked her for codes to unlock her phones, and after opening the phones they wanted to take her, but she refused. Going with them at night because she is a woman, and after threatening and intimidating they tried to take her by force, so she refused to go except in broad daylight because she was confident that she was innocent of any charges, so they took her phones and they left.

She indicated that on the fourth day she was arrested while leaving the hospital in where she works in the field of cleaning at twelve o’clock in the afternoon, and they asked her to go with them to sign and take her phones and return to home, so she went with them with her brother Ahmed, who was arrested with her and is currently suffering from a psychological condition as a result of torture.

According to Marsh, she was imprisoned in Al-Hazm for a month, after which she was transferred to a prison in Marib governorate, and then to the Political Security prison, where the harshest and most heinous methods of verbal, physical and psychological torture were practiced to force her to confess to charges and fabrications that had nothing to do with reality.

She stated that the methods of torture that were used against her and other detainees varied between verbalization, beating, tying, suspension, electric shock, kicking, and immersion of the face in water.

She emphasized that there are many women detainees in Marib, all kinds of torture are being practiced against them, noting that the prisoner, Rajaa Al-Sanaani, was tortured until she started bleeding from the nose, mouth, and ear, and she continued to appeal to them for three days to help her, to no avail, until she passed away.

Another story is told by Ruqaya Zaid Al-Jashmi, noting that her husband, Ahmed Al-Jashmi, who works as a qat seller in Aden, was arrested when he went to see one of his employees.

She indicated that on October 16, 2020, their house was raided at twelve o’clock at night by masked persons accompanied by her husband, and she was inside the house with her owner, the wife of Abdullah Ali Al-Hayy, who was arrested, and four of his brothers as well, all of whom are from the Anas district of Dhamar Governorate…and they pointed weapons at their heads and threatened them. They will be killed if they do not confess that they are intelligence officers and that there are weapons and explosives inside the house.

According to Al-Jashmi, her husband was tortured in front of her and his children until he lost his strength and could not walk, after which they took all of them, her husband, her three daughters, her friend, and two of her children and put them in a prison in Aden.

She indicated that all kinds of torture were practiced to force them to confess to acts and deeds that are not related to reality and that they do not know anything about, but they refused to confess, so they took her and Abdullah Al-Hayy’s wife and their children and brought them to the whereabouts of their husbands while they were hanging inside the cell and threatened them if they did not confess, they would violate their honor and kill their children, so they confessed forcibly. And they are forced to make false accusations that have no basis in truth.

Another tragedy was experienced by Fatima Saleh Al-Qahali, who went to the Aden governorate to cut a passport to travel to Cairo to donate one of her kidneys to her brother Ibrahim, noting that she was arrested while she was in Al-Sadaqa Hospital in Aden ? to perform tests that match her kidney with her brother, because of the presence of a sticker of the slogan of Muhammad, the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace. Peace be upon him and his family inside a bag of clothes that were in her possession.

she confirmed that the most heinous methods of torture were practiced against her and other detainees, such as beating, kicking, pouring water and ice, electric shocks, and shaving the detainees’ hair.. Noting that she suffered a heart attack as a result of the continuous torture.

According to Fatima Al-Qahali, those who arrested her demanded ten thousand dollars as a ransom to get her out, which was already done, as they released her after paying the amount.

While Bushra Muhammad Hassan Shater explained that her sister, Dr. Yusra, who works as a teacher at the Higher Institute of Health Sciences in the capital Sana’a, and has other activities as a central supervisor for the World Health Organization for immunization campaigns, was arrested on September 24, 2022 AD in Marib while she was carrying out a vaccination campaign against Covid.

She indicated that the Political Security in Marib arrested her from inside her room in a hotel in Marib, and she is still detained by them, despite the humanitarian goal for which she went and endured the trouble of traveling.

She indicated that her sister, Dr. Yusra, was accused of unfounded accusations, as if she was a spy and an agent, and that she was disturbing security in Marib.

She appealed to international and human rights organizations, the Women’s Rights Organization, the United Nations, the Red Cross, and every free Yemeni to take responsibility and do everything they can to release her detained sister in Political Security and other detention centers.

According to local human rights and humanitarian organizations, the aggression and its mercenaries in Marib, Mocha and the occupied governorates arrested hundreds of civilians, including women and children, without any reasons, but rather on a sectarian, political basis, and practiced the most heinous types of torture against them and used the women and children of the detainees as a pressure card to force them to confess to unfounded charges.

Source: Yemen News Agency