Implementation of the First Phase of the Authority’s Paperless Transformation

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) announced that it has completed the first phase of its transformation into a paperless employer as part of its efforts to regulate the use of paper, preserve the environment, and achieve sustainable development goals.

At this stage, the Authority has already dispensed with 80% of its paper printers, which were previously located at its headquarters in Abu Dhabi and Dubai while keeping a limited number of those machines. The discarded printing devices were offered for sale to the Authority’s employees.

Wafa Al Amiri, Director of IT Department at the Authority, said that this step aims to support the country’s efforts toward transforming its government into a digital paperless one. It also serves the Authority’s efforts in preserving the environment and controlling expenses and expenditures that were previously allocated to printing operations and the related supplies, such as the purchase of printers, paper, and ink.

She stated that this phase was implemented after reviewing the applicable and relevant best practices and experiences. The first phase will be followed by similar phases until the Authority’s departments and employees achieve a zero percent use of printed paper, leading to a paperless work environment. It is worth noting that the Authority has already transformed all its services into smart and automated ones many years ago.

Source: Federal Authority for Government Human Resources