CASABLANCA, MOROCCO – EQS Newswire – 15 September 2022 – HSG Holding has acquired IT Hospitality Group ( in a definitive agreement which launches its rollout of investments in the global hospitality industry Hospitality Industry. This acquisition will enable the IT Hospitality Group’s management to better support its increased market expansion across the region, establish new offices, and bring more services to its clients.  

HSG Holding has announced its acquisition of IT Hospitality Group (ITHG), a market-leader in integrated IT solutions and infrastructure, in Africa and the Middle East. With this acquisition, HSG Holding enters the hospitality arena as an investment vehicle to strengthen the developments of companies within the industry in the post Covid 19 period. 

HSG Holding was established to focus on investment opportunities within the hospitality sector at the intersection where the strength of traditional hospitality operations meets with new technologies that can assist in the digital transformation of the industry. Technology is playing a far greater role in the industry and is fast becoming a critical aspect of running hotel operations. The company believes in investing over the long-term as it sees great opportunities for growth in the MEA region and beyond.

Helping the hospitality industry with its digital transform journey

For more than a decade, ITHG has designed and implemented integrated networks, guest entertainment platforms, connectivity solutions, telephony, digital signage, and CCTV, into more than 200 hotels, and 75 000 hotel rooms across the MEA region. Long-term partnerships with the likes of Accor, Marriott, Radisson, and Hilton, among others, are a strong reflection of the ITH team’s depth of experience and understanding of the local environment, as well as the technical challenges their clients face — particularly in a post-pandemic period. 

Today’s guest is looking for seamless connectivity, whether they are traveling for business or pleasure. They have become accustomed to living in a highly connected world, and accessing everything they need through their mobile phones, and expect the same stress-free, connected experiences wherever they stay. By working closely with their clients, ITH is able to provide customised solutions designed specifically with their individual client’s requirements in mind which allows each hotel to offer the highest quality guest experiences in the region.

“Strong networks and the ability to implement the latest wired and wireless technologies is what gives our customers the edge over their competitors. It means that guests staying in their hotels are able to connect to the internet effortlessly, access streaming services such as Netflix, and even call the concierge from their own mobile device, rather than relying on in-house telephone services. The hotel’s Guest Relations team is able to welcome guests and keep them informed about available services and activities as well as updated airport arrivals and departure times via in-house advertising and promotions across a variety of dynamic information points,” says Olivier Hennion, Managing Director of IT Hospitality Group. 

“As we continue to strengthen and grow our relationships with our partners, we are expanding our support and service offerings to these chains over a larger geographic area. This acquisition by HSG Holdings means that we are able to accelerate our own development to be able to provide even greater services to our clients, through expansion of our current 12 locations in the region into additional territories, bringing us closer to our customers to provide more direct assistance as it is needed,” continues Hennion.

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About HSG Holding:
Backed by a multi-national asset manager, HSG Holding is a newly established investment firm dedicated to the hospitality industry focused on acquiring technology companies that will help their clients to face the next industry challenges. 

About IT Hospitality Group:
Founded in 2009, today with the vision to create an environment where the process of IT integration for hotel groups is the simplest of tasks. ITHG expertly design, integrate, bundle and support wired and wireless infrastructure services to hotel groups across the Middle East and Africa. By supplying bigger and better infrastructures to their customers they can offer the hotel guests the full power of the newest technologies and support an ever-increasing number of devices and bandwidth usage.  The company has almost 15 locations in the Middle and Africa, with offices or service centres making IT Hospitality the only IT integrator to give such coverage to support Hotels developments. ITHG’s values are based upon creativity, adaptability, and support. 

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