HOW COMPANIES ARE MEETING THE CHALLENGE OF CHANGE – Businesses championing change highlighted in documentary series produced by TBD Media

LONDON, Aug. 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Companies are reviewing how they respond to a radically changed customer and business landscape. While some are struggling to adapt, others are well placed to build the post-COVID future – and bring others on the journey.

Pat Lynes, Founder and CEO at specialist change consultancy Sullivan & Stanley, says that businesses are prevented from adapting by three major problems:

‘First, organisations don’t have the ability to change, or are not fast enough in doing so. The third problem is that they are stuck in structures that are too big and bloated.’

Businesses that chime with the times are pivoting to make the most of the changes brought about in the wake of coronavirus, for example:

Hemmersbach answers the need of a newly-dispersed workforce by providing IT devices as a service to companies in any location worldwide, including home offices.

Serrala  is creating more secure global and automated payment capabilities for every enterprise. The B2B fintech empowers organizations to create one central financial ecosystem to maximize transparency, reduce costs and protect against risks.

Mokki has responded to a growing awareness of children’s health by creating an award-winning range of sunglasses that protect young eyes from harmful UV light.

Sullivan & Stanley, Hemmersbach, Serrala Mokki join Microsoft to work with TBD Media Group as part of their Global Thought Leaders series. Paolo Emilio Zanini, CEO and Founder at TBD Media Group says that COVID-19 has been ‘a black swan event for many businesses.’

‘Fortunately, there are many stories of businesses that are offering practical solutions to the difficulties that have arisen in 2020,’ says Zanini. ‘TBD Media Group is proud to work with the brightest thought leaders in the world to ensure that this year is remembered as a catalyst for positive change, greater collaboration and businesses that are run better for everyone.’

2020 has seen digitally savvy companies outperforming their legacy counterparts. Thorsten Cleve, Director Manufacturing at Microsoft explains in the film that businesses are finding a new impetus to embrace technologies to boost productivity and efficiency.

‘IoT surrounds us,’ says Cleve. ‘Industrial IoT leads to a totally different level of security and reliability. We have been in this space for 20 years, but recently the perception of the technology has changed.’

The Global Thought Leaders series explores the drivers of global business expansion. From digital transformation to industrial innovation, this documentary series amplifies the world’s smartest business thinkers’ ideas to impact the shape of the world tomorrow.

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