HCHF commends UN Security Council’s worldwide ceasefire resolution to combat COVID-19

ABU DHABI, The Higher Committee of Human Fraternity, HCHF, a group of religious leaders, educational scholars and cultural leaders from across the world, commended the UN Security Council unanimously adopted resolution, which called upon all parties to armed conflicts to immediately engage in a “durable humanitarian pause” of at least 90 days, to enable all countries to combat COVID-19 pandemic.

HCHF stressed that it welcomes and supports this worldwide humanitarian pause that comes at a time when world unity is needed more than ever to combat this common enemy. HCHF also called upon all parties to armed conflicts around the world to seize this opportunity to let wisdom prevail and turn to dialogue, as the only way to settle conflicts and bring just and lasting peace for all mankind.

HCHF greatly appreciated the strenuous efforts led by the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, which lasted for months, to adopt this humanitarian pause. HCHF reiterated its appeal for a greater human solidarity to combat the pandemic and to help those affected by it, particularly refugees, displaced people, and people forced to flee their homes due to conflict.


Source: Emirates News Agency