Hamdan bin Mubarak gives consent to green laboratory initiative

_: Minister of Public Works Sheikh Hamdan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan has given his consent for a green laboratory, a fresh, creative initiative to run an integrated scientific facility on solar power.

The concept is based on provision of sustainability-based scientific equipment for learners and designing a bespoke curriculum to spread the message of sustainability.

The project, the maiden partnership with the Ministry of Education, will underpin the Ministry of Public Works’ role in delivering the Federal Government Vision to introduce sustainability factor into projects for the sake of reducing energy consumption.

Sheikh Hamdan gave his nod during a meeting with the ministry sustainability teamwork to review a comparative study on feasibility of replacing electric heaters with solar heaters in a number of ministry’s projects as part of its sustainability strategy.

Sheikh Hamdan instructed the team to convene the project sustainability forum to get knowledge on the latest local and international best practices.

The minister announced 2011 as the year of sustainability on construction projects according to a specially-tailored solar power-based sustainability criteria.

The strategy seeks to reduce use of energy in implementation of projects, manage sources of pollution and depletion of natural resources.