HAAD invites nominations for Abu Dhabi Medical Distinction Awards

Abu Dhabi: The Health Authority- Abu Dhabi, the regulatory body of the Healthcare sector in the emirate of Abu Dhabi, announced today that nominations for Abu Dhabi Medical Distinction Awards are open from July 15th 2012 till October 18th 2012.

HAAD updated the award website and enhanced the electronic nomination process through a convenient online submission. The online submission has been well tested, believed to ensure the completion of all required fields and facilitate the process of evaluation by the Scientific Committee.

There will be also informative sessions to train nominees on how to submit a proper application. The sessions/workshops will be done biweekly at HAAD and the dates will be published in the awards website.

All nominations will be assessed in accordance with the established criteria driven from the themes which include, Delivering a high quality service, Developing a high quality service, Managing a high quality service, Contributions through teaching, training and research, Leadership, Innovation and U.A.E. Relevance.

The criteria have been revised and peer reviewed by an independent academic institution.

Dr. Mohammed Bader Al Seiari Executive Director of Abu Dhabi Medical Distinctions Awards said, “We encourage healthcare facilities to recognize their healthcare professionals for their outstanding achievements by nominating them.

We also encourage healthcare professionals who believe that they have contributed to the development of the healthcare system in the emirate of Abu Dhabi to apply for the awards. We advise all nominees to pay close attention to the terms and conditions of the awards which are available for reviewing on the award website http://www.haad.ae/adma/”, he added.

Dr. Sedra Al Mansouri, Assigned Director, Health system Compliance and the Professional Manager of Abu Dhabi Medical Distinctions Awards said: “The aims of the award fall within the scope of HAAD’s strategic goals, objectives, plan, ‘&’ vision in terms of recognizing, acknowledging and honoring professionals in the emirate of Abu Dhabi for their outstanding achievements in the fields of healthcare”.

The nomination process for this year will be based on aspects that include, preliminary filtration of the applications and confirmation of the admissibility of the applications to the Scientific Committee by the Awards Steering Committee.

Awards Scientific Committee will evaluate the nominations in accordance with the preset Awards’ Themes. Then the Awards Scientific Committee will conduct the final selection of the first six runners up under each category.

Finally, the six Awards Candidates will be invited for a personal interview with the Awards Scientific Committee; said a release.

Based on the scoring rank of the evaluation, 20 winners will be announced from all awards categories except for the Lifetime Achievement Awards which will be dedicated for an honoury process.